Theme Communities

Start Out with Something in Common!

Want to live with students who share similar interests and goals? Join a theme community! Theme communities allow you to live with other students who share a similar personal or academic interest or passion.  Living in a theme community, you will be able to access resources and opportunities focused around your area of interest. The connection between you, the other residents, and professional staff can create a dynamic living experience for developing lasting relationships and a network of support during your transition to college. To be eligible to live in a theme community:

  • Submit your housing application as soon as you are accepted to UA.
  • Starting January 1, submit your theme community application (in your housing application). Space is limited. 

Theme Communities

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Common Questions

I have already chosen a room, can I still apply for a theme community?

Yes, as long as the theme community application is still available to you in your housing application (opens in January). Just click on the theme community tab at the top of your application, choose the theme community you want to live in and complete the application. If you are accepted to the theme community, Housing Assignment Services will assign you to the theme community and you will be notified.

I've been accepted to a theme community and have a room selection start time/date, what should I do?

If you have been accepted to a theme community, only available rooms in the theme community will be available to you when you go to choose a room. Just go to your housing application and follow the instructions to choose your room.

I've been accepted to a theme community and the person I want as a roommate hasn't. What do I do?

Only students accepted to a theme community are permitted to live in that theme community. When you access the roommate request process, you will only be able to request another student as a roommate if that person has also been accepted to the same theme community. You have two options:

  1. The person you want as a roommate can, if eligible, apply for the theme community as well. If accepted, you would then be able to request that person as a roommate in the theme community.
  2. If the person you want as a roommate is not eligible for and/or not accepted to the theme community and you would rather live with that person instead of living in the theme community, you will need to cancel your theme community application.
What do I do if I've been accepted/assigned to a theme community but decided not to live there?

Please contact Housing Assignment Services at (520) 621-6501 and they will help you.