Engineering Leadership

The Engineering Leadership Community (ELC) is a unique theme community that brings together first-year engineering students to develop their skills as future leaders in an engineering profession. Members of this community develop a real sense of belonging to the College of Engineering and benefit from being a part of a group who shares their interests and passions. Students have the opportunity to form a cohort of peers who attend classes together, receive guidance from a faculty member, pursue social networking among the UA engineering community and explore engineering professions.

Benefits of the Engineering Leadership Theme Community

  • Exclusive access to specialized courses designed to help with personal, professional, and leadership development in engineering
  • Guidance from faculty members and industry mentors – including Resident Assistants who are upper-division engineering students
  • Live among peers in similar classes and with similar academic and career goals. 
  • Interact with your engineering Faculty Fellow
  • Study with in-house tutors and peer study groups from the comfort of your own residence hall
  • Make new friends and be guided toward success
  • Located in Posada San Pedro

How to Apply

  • Submit a housing application in MyUAHome.
  • Pay the non-refundable housing application fee
  • Be admitted to the College of Engineering
  • The theme community application process, inside your housing application, opens in January. Space is limited. 

NOTE: You must have a housing application on file to be considered this community

Students accepted into the Engineering Leadership Theme Community will be required to register for common courses.

Participating in Engineering Leadership Theme Community

The Engineering Leadership Theme Community is an engaging living environment. In the community, students have access to unique resources and programs designed to support their transition to college. It’s expected that students living in the community take advantage of the array of academically enriching activities offered to members of the community – space is limited, so sign up quickly!

Contact Information

For more program information, contact:

Melissa Ayala

Engineering Honors and Residential Programs Coordinator