Social Justice

The Social Justice Theme Community is a space that celebrates and affirms the diverse backgrounds of all its members, as well as all students at University of Arizona. Whether ability, body size/appearance, gender identity and expression, nationality, political affiliation, sexual orientation, social class, race, religion/spirituality, or other identities, students are encouraged to bring their whole selves to the Social Justice Theme Community. The community provides a safe space for students to discuss their differences and pluralistic identities without fear of slurs, attacks or discrimination. The community also offers the option of gender-inclusive roommate pairings, for those interested.

Benefits of the Social Justice Theme Community

  • Join a diverse family of students passionate about diversity and inclusion
  • Learn about issues such as ableism, cisgenderism, classism, homophobia, racism, sexism, and more.
  • Engage in various programs and activities that propel students to grow as community leaders, excel academically, and allow residents to build support and community ties.
  • Participate in events related to social justice, including service learning projects, dialogue, and community engagement trips
  • Interact with professional staff committed to promoting equity across campus and supporting your growth
  • Gender-inclusive housing options available
  • Located in Colonia de la Paz

How to Apply

  • Submit a housing application in MyUAHome.
  • Pay the non-refundable housing application fee
  • The theme community application process, inside your housing application, opens in January. Space is limited; applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the spring semester until spaces are full.

NOTE: You must have a housing application on file to be considered for this community.

Participating in the Social Justice Theme Community

Social Justice Theme Community is an engaging living environment. In the community, students have access to unique resources and programs designed to support their transition to college. It’s expected that students living in the community take advantage of the array of academically enriching activities offered to members of the community – space is limited, so sign up quickly!

Contact Information

For more program information, contact:

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