UA Housing & Residential Life is committed to sustainability—so much so that we have a full-time Senior Coordinator of Sustainability Operations & Initiatives who develops and promotes sustainable education and programs in our dorms!

Some of Our Programs Include:  


The dorms compete to see who can reduce their utility consumption (electricity and water) to win prizes and bragging rights. [Occurs during the fall semester]


The dorms recycle and attend education programs to earn points and win glory and prizes for their dorm. [Occurs at the beginning of the spring semester]


We join the international celebration that encourages you to turn off your lights for an hour. Since you can’t use candles in the dorms, we throw an electricity-free party on the mall with good food, good fun, and fire dancers! [Occurs during the spring semester]


Can’t (or don’t want to) take your stuff home? During move-out in May, you can donate what you no longer need to our non-profit partners so those items can be reused instead of trashed. [Occurs in May]


Have you wondered what kind of difference it makes on your electricity bill if you forget to turn your lights off? Our amazing software helps you see how much electricity you are using each month and what you can do to make a difference. The software works for a dorm room, office or apartment. Click here to check it out the software.


Do you believe in taking care of the earth and its people? Are you interested in being a voice for change and progress? Join Eco-Reps to learn how you can make a difference. Meetings will be conducted virtually, via Zoom. Eco-Reps can look forward to being a consistent voice for the environment in their dorm communities. Eco-Reps are the driving force behind our annual large-scale sustainability programming like Battle of the Utilities and RecycleMania; helping bring glory (and sometimes prizes) to your dorm. Eco-Reps also create one-of-a-kind programs to educate other dorm residents on sustainability, a task that will involve a lot of creativity during the pandemic. Eco-Reps is a great way to get involved, meet other people who care about sustainability, make connections and friendships outside of your dorm, and make a difference. So, whether you’re an expert or just have a budding interest, join us to advocate for sustainability in your building. Learn more by watching the video:


To help you pack for your sustainable life on campus check out our ‘green’ shopping checklist.

Campus Partners

Housing & Residential Life also partners with other campus organizations such as The UA Office of Sustainability and Students for Sustainability.


Email for more information or to get involved.