Sustainability Resources

We have developed many amazing programs and resources that we love to share:

Inclusion + Sustainability Program Checklist

Planning an event? Click here for an Inclusion + Sustainability Program Checklist

Sustainability Program Guides

Water and Energy Conservation Bulletin Boards

Fun in the Sun: 10 Electricity-Free Tucson Attractions
Do you need ideas for what you can do in Tucson without using energy?

If Everybody’s Doing It…
Learn about the Eco Power software as well as our collective “Carbon Paw Print”

Saving Electricity
20 easy ways to decrease electricity consumption

Saving Water
20 easy ways to decrease water consumption

Take a Hike (in Tucson)
Information about and directions to some of the best hiking sites in Tucson

Top 10 Ways to Win Battle of the Utilities
If you can get into these habits, your hall will be sitting pretty during our annual utility reduction competition

Recycling Programs

Dorm Storm
Gather recyclables while teaching your hall mates how to recycle on campus

Ever wondered how paper recycling works? Follow these instructions to recycle scraps of paper into usable sheets

Recycled Castles in the Sky
Work collaboratively to collect recycling to serve as building materials in the tower competition

Recycled Planters
Here’s your chance to reuse and recycle old bottles as planters

Recycling Round-Up
This game is dedicated to teaching participants what is recyclable and how to recycle properly

Roll with it: Paper Bead Making
Give used paper a new life by making beads suitable for jewelry

Sustainability Card Art
Learn ways to recycle and reuse old items by turning them into cards and gifts

See the outcomes of an unsustainable future and discuss ways to decrease waste