Acceptable Use Policy

It is the policy of The University of Arizona to maintain access to local, national, and international networks for the purpose of supporting its fundamental activities of instruction, research, outreach, and administration. As you use the Housing & Residential Life network, you must take necessary measures to safeguard the operating integrity of the systems and the accessibility of those systems to other users. This policy covers all persons accessing computer or network resources through any Housing & Residential Life facility. The following policies govern the use of the Housing & Residential Life network:

  1. Use the network in a manner consistent with all local, state and federal laws and all University policies including the Dean of Students Student Code of Conduct and The University of Arizona’s Acceptable Use of Computers and Networks.
  2. You may not modify Housing & Residential Life network services or wiring, nor may you modify or extended them beyond the area of their intended use. This applies to all network wiring, hardware and in-room jacks. You may not connect a wireless router or any device that provides Network Address Translation (NAT) or DHCP services. You may use a network switch to provide more connections within your room.
  3. Under no circumstances may you give others access to University systems.
  4. You may not provide network services from your computer. If you have a documented academic need to provide such services from your personal computer, you must have prior written authorization from Housing & Residential Life administration before you activate any such service(s) on the Housing & Residential Life network.
  5. The Housing & Residential Life network is a shared resource. You may not use the Housing & Residential Life network or applications in any manner that inhibits or interferes with the use of the network by others.
  6. You may use the Housing & Residential Life network for legal purposes only. You may access only those systems, software and data for which you are authorized. You may not share access to copyrighted software or other copyrighted material on the network.
  7. You are required to respect the rights of other users at all times on the network, including their rights as set forth in other University policies for students, faculty, and staff. These rights include but are not limited to privacy, freedom from harassment, and freedom of expression.
  8. You must know and obey the specific policies established for the systems and networks you access.
  9. The residential network is provided for uses consistent with the academic mission of the institution. You may not use the network for commercial purposes, unsolicited advertising or anything which would be in violation of University policy or Housing & Residential Life Community Standards.
  10. Network administrators have the authority to temporarily suspend your network access without notice if the administrator believes you are the source of an alleged violation, pending investigation of the violation and satisfactory resolution of the complaint.
  11. Your use of the Housing & Residential Life network constitutes full agreement with and understanding of this Acceptable Use Policy and any future modifications thereto.
  12. Housing & Residential Life reserves the right to modify, change, and reformat this document as it deems necessary without permission or consent of its network users. Copies of this AUP will remain available on Housing & Residential Life's website.