How to Choose

With 23 undergraduate dorms, we get this question a lot: How do I choose?! There are a variety of options that may help you choose your dorm. Keep in mind that no matter which dorm you live in, they all have similar amenities; laundry rooms, game rooms, community kitchens and living space; as well as academic and social programs and events. Once you are able to answer some of these questions, go to the Dorms page to refine your search. 

What SIZE of dorm do you prefer?

Do you like to be surrounded by lot of people or do you prefer knowing everyone? Answering this question may help you determine the SIZE (number of students) of dorm you would prefer. 

Is the LOCATION on campus important?

Our dorms are located in four districts. Historic District is in the middle of campus near the Student Union and Greek housing. North District is located on the northwest side of campus, near Eller College of Management. Highland District is on the southeast part of campus, which is close to the Campus Rec Center and the library. Park District is on the southwest part of campus, near the Park Student Union and University Blvd. Here is a map of the entire campus.

Is COST a factor?

We offer different pricing rates for our dorms.

What ROOM type do you prefer?

Double: A room that accommodates 2 students. This is our most common room type.

Double-Suite: A room that accommodates 2 students and shares an adjoining bathroom with another room. Most rooms in Coronado and Pima are double-suites, with a few in Colonia de la Paz, Posada San Pedro, Pueblo de la Cienega and Villa del Puente.

Double-Adjoined: A room that accommodates 2 students and shares a small, adjoining common space with another room. Only available in Cochise.

Single: A room that accommodates 1 student. Single rooms are typically much smaller than a double room and there are very few of them. Available in Árbol de la Vida, Coconino, Colonia de la Paz, Gila, Maricopa, Navajo-Pinal, Posada San Pedro, Pueblo de la Cienega, Villa del Puente and Yuma.

Single-Suite: A room that accommodates 1 student and shares a small, adjoining bathroom with another room. These rooms are typically much smaller than a double room and they are available in only two residence halls, Babcock and Pima.

Triple: A room that accommodates 3 students. Only available in Arizona-Sonora, Cochise and Maricopa.


Do you have a preference on the type of BATHROOM your dorm has?

Most of our dorms have community-style bathrooms, but we also have dorms with suite-style bathrooms, some have sinks in their room and one has in-room bathrooms (private). We also have some all-gender bathrooms in select buildings.

Are you FEMALE and want to live with other females?

Check out Maricopa, our all-female dorm.

Are you in the HONORS College?

The brand-new Honors Village (opening fall 2019) is exclusively for Honors Wildcats.

Have you thought about living in a THEME COMMUNITY?

Start out with something in common. Theme communities share similar personal or academic interests and goals, living on a specific floor or wing in a dorm. We have a variety of communities, including partnerships with the business and engineering colleges to outdoor adventures and health professions.