Youth Groups

Youth Group Supervision

All groups that are hosting minors on campus are subject to the University of Arizona Minor’s Policy. This policy outlines behavioral and supervision expectations and it is the responsibility of the group leaders to make sure these guidelines are being met. We are happy to help you work through the details of this policy.

Adult Advisors

Groups whose participants are under the age of 18 must provide and pay associated costs for live-in, adult advisors. We require a ratio of at least one adult for every ten (10) participants.

Youth groups should also plan to provide structured opportunities and free-time activities during times when participants are not directly involved in program activities. The younger the participant, the more structure that is needed during free time. Experience has shown that groups who provide this adequate structure experience far fewer participant behavior problems and far fewer charges for damages to facilities. Groups hosting youth participants will be required to submit a detailed schedule of participant activities well in advance of the groups' arrival on campus. For assistance in this area, please feel free to contact us.