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Honors Dorms - Árbol de la Vida & Yuma

Choose to live in a vibrant community of honors students who will challenge and inspire you. Discover and expand your interests and passions with like-minded students. You’ll thrive in a supportive yet challenging environment—one in which you will grow personally and academically.

Árbol de la Vida

Contemporary Árbol de La Vida, a Global Honors Community, is home to more than 700 students. With its bold architecture and modern finish, Árbol de La Vida (Tree of Life) is comprised of five buildings connected by bridges, ranging from four to six stories in height. Students share double rooms on elongated corridors with study rooms, informal gathering lounges, community bathrooms and many community spaces.

A strong sustainability ethic is present, including roof-mounted solar panels for water-heating, low-flow water fixtures, room sensors to reduce energy consumption in unoccupied rooms, and large windows that open for direct ventilation and provide abundant sunlight.


Classic Yuma, an architecturally significant building on the National Register of Historic Places, is a popular home to more than 180 students. Students share double rooms with built-in features including a sink. Community areas bring residents together in the cozy sunken living room, library, large multiple-space study lounge, recreation room and courtyard.

How to Apply

Students admitted to the University of Arizona Honors College are eligible to live in one of two Honors dorms (Árbol de La Vida or Yuma). Honors students are not required to live in the Honors dorms; you can choose to live in a non-Honors dorm if you wish, based on availablility. 

To be eligible to live in an Honors dorm, submit your housing application and $150 non-refundable housing application fee.

Coming Fall 2019: Honors Village

The Honors Village, opening fall 2019, will enhance the Honors Wildcat experience. Featuring dorm and apartment-style housing for more than 1,000 students, the complex will also host an integrated dining facility, recreation spaces, interior courtyard, a Campus Health Service satellite, Honors College offices, a Campus Recreation Center, honors classrooms, and more. For more information, please visit the UA Honors College website.

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