Arizona Dorms Receive New Renovations

Arizona Dorms Receive New Renovations

As a part our of constant efforts to offer more amenities than ever before the University of Arizona's Housing and Residential Life continues to update all 23 dorms across campus. The most recent round of updates focused on amenities for 2nd+ Year students and community spaces that enable students to succeed in school.

2nd+ Year Students in Pima Lodge

With a focus on retaining 2nd+ Year students, Housing has created a specific space for these students in Pima Lodge. Offering more single rooms and rooms with full beds this building also received an additional kitchen and updated common spaces. The existing kitchen on the first floor of the three story Pima Lodge received new furniture, while a study room on the third floor was converted into a full sized kitchen with amazing views of the Catalina Mountains. On the first floor common areas, the dorm received modern furniture that also enables the space to easily be rearranged for various programs for students in the building.  

New third floor kitchen  Modern furniture in Pima Lodge community space Updated first floor kitchen

Study Room Updates

Students who live in the dorms their first year on campus can expect an 8% higher GPA when compared to students who live off campus and this is realized by support provided in the dorms. Part of this support is the physical space provided for students to focus on their academic pursuits. Students in Colonia de la Paz and Pima House received updates to these study areas with modern and functional furniture. With these new additions, these spaces encourage both group and individual studying in these space.

Colonia de la Paz study rooms before updates Colonia de la Paz study rooms after updates New furniture in Pima House study rooms

Apache-Santa Cruz

The largest project completed this past summer was the updating of Apache-Santa Cruz, which is located in the residential district on Highland Avenue. Formerly the dorm sported large purple and natural wood accents with an eccentric carpet design. With renovations the dorm now has a more modern presentation with each floor having a distinct accent color that is tied in throughout the carpet and accents. 

Additionally, the community kitchen was moved from the basement of the dorm to the first floor. In this new kitchen there is not only two distinct dining spaces but additional more open cooking areas for students to make meals and space for staff to put on programming.

Apache-Santa Cruz hallway with new carpet and paint accents

Cooking space in the new Apache-Santa Cruz kitchen One of two dining areas in Apache-Santa Cruz dorm

Lastly, the graduate housing complex La Aldea received a face-lift to their common space, which is often used by students to gather and study. All of these results are a part of Housing's ongoing efforts to ensure student success through offering the best amenities for students.