Battle of the Utilities 2016: The Results Are In!

Battle of the Utilities 2016: The Results Are In!


During the fall 2016 semester, residents living on campus competed to see who could reduce energy and water consumption the most. Congratulations to Coronado, Yavapai and Hopi/Graham-Greenlee halls for having the highest number of participants. Thanks to the reduction in consumption, Residence Life:

  • Saved 725,208 gallons of water. That’s enough bottles to cross the U.S. approximately 3.7 times!

  • Saved 61,151 kWh of electricity. That’s enough energy to stream Netflix on a Mac Book 24 hours a day for 124 years!

  • We had 106 students complete the pledge to reduce last year. This year, a whopping 781 students signed the pledge. That’s a 637% increase! Coronado was given an honorable mention for getting the most students to sign. Below are the halls that had over 10% of their population sign the pledge.