Battle of the Utilities 2020: The Results Are In!

Battle of the Utilities 2020: The Results Are In!

During October 2020, residents living on campus competed to see who could reduce energy and water consumption the most by signing a pledge to reduce their usage throughout the month. 

900 residents signed the pledge to reduce. Honors Village won the pledge competition, with over 250 students signing from just that building.  

Our residents' great dedication to signing the pledge matched up with the utilities savings! Our overall usage reduction was 4.83% with an electricity reduction of 2.08% and a water reduction of 2.75%. 

  • 1. Arizona-Sonora with 11.93% reduction in utilities usage
  • 2. Cochise with 8.61% reduction in utilities usage
  • 3. Hopi/Graham-Greenlee with 4.85% reduction in utilities usage

Congratulations to AZSO, Cochise & HoGG for their outstanding work in October! 

On behalf of the Housing Sustainability team, we appreciate all of your hard work to make this another successful competition.