Dorm Updates due to COVID-19

Dorm Updates due to COVID-19

The following updates have been made in all Housing & Residential Life dorms and offices on campus due to COVID-19. Please refer to the University's main Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information page regularly for important campus information. 

Hand sanitizer stations 

  • Installed in various locations throughout the buildings (in main gathering spaces).

Paper towel dispensers 

  • No touch dispensers have been installed in all community restrooms and kitchens.

Soap dispensers 

  • No touch dispensers have been installed in all community restrooms and kitchens. 

Ice machines 

  • Existing ice machines have been retrofitted to allow for less contact.


  • Available for checkout.

Reduced occupancy in common spaces (subject to change/be modified depending on the current University Stage)

  • Furniture has been removed from common spaces to reduce occupancy and allow for social distancing.
  • Floor plans are provided in each space to establish room set up and occupancy clearly stated.
  • Exercise rooms in dorms will remain locked and not used until further notice.

Front Desk/Reception 

  • Plexi-glass dividers have been installed at front desks and customer serving areas.
  • UV light disinfectant devices utilized for some items that are commonly checked out from the front desk (ex. TV remote controls, Temporary Access Cards, keys, etc.)  


  • Various methods (floor decals, mirror clings, posters) to encourage personal and community safety/responsibility and assist with social distancing.

Elevated cleaning practices 

  • All high touch and common space areas are disinfected regularly per CDC guidelines.
  • See Elevated Cleaning Standards for more information.

Operable windows 

  • Encourage the opening of student room windows to allow fresh air to enter spaces. Also allows sunlight into the rooms. 

Fan coil cleaning (HVAC) 

  • Deep Fan coil cleaning is done once a year in the summer.
  • Fan coils are cleaned and wiped down over the winter break.
  • Filters are replaced twice a year or when a resident moves and/or requests a new filter.

Policy modifications/changes 

  • Staff are self-monitoring, and must answer specific screening questions before coming to work each day. 
  • Staff to use appropriate levels of PPE while working in buildings (physical distancing, face coverings, gloves, etc.).
  • Staff assigned to clean, work in smaller groups.
  • Large gatherings of staff for meetings, breaks, lunch breaks, etc., have been restricted. 
  • When submitting a Maintenance Request online, residents will need to answer a brief screening questionnaire that will be utilized by staff to be aware of when entering student rooms, to determine the level of PPE required when working in the room.