Notice: A-Team Security to Begin Observations at Isolation Dorms

Notice: A-Team Security to Begin Observations at Isolation Dorms

The following information was shared Friday, September 11 with current residents, regardless of their current COVID status. Please refer to the University's main Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information page regularly for important campus information.

Consistent with the University’s reentry plans, we wanted to let you know that A-Team Security, an affiliate with the University, will begin observations at the isolation dorms starting tonight at 8PM. These individuals are not officers with University of Arizona Police Department or Tucson Police Department.

A-Team Security will be on site to conduct the following:

  • Observe pedestrian traffic
  • Check the perimeter exits and entrances
  • Ensure there is no loitering or other suspicious activities
  • Confirm all students are abiding by University policies and procedures

A-Team’s schedule is as follows:

  • M-F: 8 PM – 5AM
  • Sat: 24 hrs.
  • Sun: 24 hrs.

Please know they may ask you for your name and room number in order to verify you are a current isolation dorm resident. Guards will maintain a proper six-foot distance when communicating with you and are tasked with reminding residents of social distancing and face covering policies.

Guards will maintain logs and report any law-breaking activities to UAPD. Any other violations of campus policy will be logged and reported to the Dean of Students Office.

Thank you,

Housing & Residential Life