Room Consolidation - Students Staying on Campus

Room Consolidation - Students Staying on Campus


The following was shared on Tuesday, March 24th with all on-campus residents who have informed Housing that they are staying in the dorms for the remainder of the spring semester, per a previous communication. Please refer to the University's main Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information page regularly for important campus information. 

Dear Residents,

We appreciate you and admire your resiliency amidst the ever-changing circumstances surrounding our efforts to protect against COVID-19. We are counting on your continued strength as we need to make additional changes to more effectively serve you and keep you safe.

As you have indicated to us that you will be staying on campus, Housing & Residential Life needs to start planning to move you to a clean vacant room in Coronado or Honors Village. Your new assignment will be a private room with a private or semi-private restroom to help you practice critical social distancing and limit close contact with others that could put you at risk of exposureAssignments will be determined by Housing and at this time will be final for the remainder of the semester.

This decision was made in consultation with Campus Health and University Leadership and was not made lightly. We appreciate that this is an inconvenience, however we believe it is a necessary plan to offer you the safest possible living environment.

Your rent will not change.

As Housing finalizes assignments and details of this plan, here is what you can expect:

  • We will notify all students via email of their new assignment in Coronado and Honors Village, as rooms are cleaned.
    • Please begin packing your items now. There are plastic bags at the front desk that you may request.
    • We will provide a service to move your items to your new room.
  • If you live in Coronado or Honors Village, you will not be moving.
  • If you live in Arizona-Sonora, Babcock, or Pima you will be notified of your new assignment tomorrow, March 25
    • Students in Arizona-Sonora will receive an assignment in Coronado.
    • Students in Babcock will receive an assignment in Honors Village.
    • Students in Pima will receive an assignment in Honors Village.
    • You will receive Move-Out support on Friday, March 27 and must be fully checked out of your current room by 5:00pm on March 27.
    • More details about Move-Out support and your move will be included in your assignment email.
  • If you live in any other dorm you will be notified of your new assignment beginning Monday, March 30
    • Please watch for an email with your new assignment and updated information.
    • More details about Move-Out support and your move will be included in your assignment email
  • If you have an accommidation put in place by the Disability Resource Center (DRC), we guarantee that if and when you are asked to move to support our efforts to consolidate residents that your new space will have the same level of access and accessibility features that you currently have. You will have assistance in this move to your new space. If we do not have appropriate accessible spaces in the new dorm, we will not move you and you will remain in your current assignment.

We understand you may have questions and we will strive to communicate more to you as this process develops. If possible, we ask that you please wait to contact our office with questions until our next email. Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we do our best to keep you safe at this challenging time


Housing & Residential Life