Spring 2021: Coming Back to Campus - What you need to know

Spring 2021: Coming Back to Campus - What you need to know

The following information was shared Thursday, December 17 with current undergraduate residents who will be returning to the dorms in January 2021. Please refer to the University's main Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information page regularly for important campus information.

We are excited to have you back on campus for the spring semester. We thank you for your continued commitment and dedication to your health and the health of your fellow students during this coming semester.  


Mail is not delivered to the dorms during Winter Break (except to Winter Break Housing dorms). Any mail received during this time is held and delivered when the buildings reopen in January. Carriers can start delivering to all dorms on January 10; sorting and distribution to the dorms should occur by January 11-12.

Spring 2021 Return COVID-19 Testing
The University will conduct a COVID-19 test of all campus housing residents when you get to campus, before you return to your dorm. 

Testing will take place Friday, January 8, 2021-Tuesday, January 12, 2021 from 9AM-6PM each day. Please sign up in advance for a test on one of these days at

If you have specific medical concerns or questions about the testing, contact the Testing Center directly at UACOVID-19Testing@arizona.edu, 1-833-345-0246 or 520-848-4030. If you have a testing exemption, it must be approved by Campus Health before you check in at your dorm. In order to exempt yourself from further COVID-19 testing requirements, Campus Health and Test All Test Smart will need you to upload your test results to their secure, HIPAA compliant system at https://health.arizona.edu/uploading-your-campus-covid-19-test-result.

When You Arrive on Campus

Like you did in the fall, get your test and await the result before you return to your dorm. You will not have access to the building or your room until you have your negative results. The test results should take less than two hours.

  • If your test result is negative, you will be permitted to return to your assigned dorm and check back into your room. Due to current COVID-19 policies, no family members or guests will be permitted in the building.
  • If your test result is positive, you must isolate in the isolation dorm or in off-campus housing, following the University's self-isolation protocol, for 10 days.

Late Arrivals/Missed Testing Appointment

  • If you are arriving after January 12, please make sure to sign-up for an antigen test at the Student Union the same day you wish to return to your dorm. The last testing appointment is at 2:45PM. If you arrive when you've not been able to receive a COVID-19 test that same day, you will need to plan to stay at a hotel for the night or you may call our on-call staff 520-591-8543 when you are on campus to see what on-campus accommodations may be available for the night. You should get a COVID-19 test the next morning, and upon receiving a negative result would be permitted to return to your assigned dorm.
  • If you are arriving on either January 17 or January 18, antigen testing will be available in the Student Union from 9:30AM-2:45PM.

Spring 2021 On-Going Testing Requirements
The University will require all dorm residents and students coming to the Main Campus to participate in weekly COVID-19 testing during the spring semester. You can read more about spring testing here.

Thank you for your continued efforts to keep our campus community safe. We wish you a safe and restful break!

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