Updated Procedures for Suite, Pod & Private Restrooms

Updated Procedures for Suite, Pod & Private Restrooms

The following procedures have been updated for all Housing & Residential Life suite, pod and private restrooms for the 2020-2021 academic yearPlease refer to the University's main Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information page regularly for important campus information. 

Students will be responsible for cleaning their own restrooms when they are assigned to either a suite, pod or private restroom space*. This includes the suite, pod & private bathrooms in the following dorms:

  • Árbol de la Vida (private-ADA)
  • Arizona-Sonora (private-RA)
  • Colonia de la Paz (pod; private-ADA)
  • Coronado (suite-style)
  • Honors Village (suite-style; private; apartment)
  • Likins (private-ADA)
  • Maricopa (private-ADA)
  • Pima (suite-style)
  • Posada San Pedro (pod; private-ADA; private-RA)
  • Pueblo de la Cienega (pod; private-ADA; private-RA)
  • Villa del Puente (pod; private-ADA; private-RA)

*Exceptions will be made through the accommodation process through the Disability Resource Center (DRC) if the assigned student has indicated that they need their restroom to be cleaned.

Students will be required to provide their own toilet paper, paper towels, soap and shower curtains. It is highly suggested that students be cautious with the paper goods they are using as we have buildings of varying ages and systems and higher ply paper goods can have an impact to our plumbing systems. A list of suggested items to bring should be reviewed by students prior to their arrival.   


Inspections, previously performed by facilities will not be completed during the 2020/2021 academic year, in order to decrease possible COVID-19 exposures.   

Winter Cleaning 

Custodial will provide a deep cleaning and disinfecting service during the month of December in all suite, pod and private restrooms. 

  • Students will be asked to remove all personal belongings.
  • Custodial will clean all restroom surfaces to include:
    • Showers 
    • Toilets 
    • Sinks and countertops 
    • Floors  
    • Walls and mirrors 
    • Lights and vents

If there are major cleanliness concerns, the Custodial staff will inform the Community Directors of that specific dorm.

Cleaning and other supplies for student use 

While we are asking that students bring their own supplies, cleaning buckets will be available for students that need them. The cleaning buckets will be available for students that may not be able to purchase supplies or they have run out and need something in the interim. Cleaning buckets will be available through the front desks. The cleaning buckets will consist of: 

  • Cleaning cloths 
  • Disinfectant and cleaner 
  • Gloves 
  • Toilet cleaning brush 
  • Roll of paper towels 

For students that may need toilet paper, shower curtains and bar hand soap, those can also be made available. 

Educational Components & Outreach 

  • A list of suggested cleaning supplies, products and tools will be provided to students before arriving to campus.
  • A checklist of proper cleaning and best practices will be provided to student upon their arrival.
  • Custodial will provide a video that walks through how to properly clean and disinfect a restroom.
  • Roommate agreements
    • Roommates will work together to establish a cleaning schedule