Winter Closure Begins December 18 at 12 PM

Winter Closure Begins December 18 at 12 PM

Winter Closure will take place December 18, 2020 at 12 noon through January 8, 2021 at 10AM. If you did not select to live in Winter Break Housing on your housing application, you must vacate your building within 24 hours after your last exam.*

As a reminder, the dorms will remain open during and after Thanksgiving; you are welcome to return to the dorms for the duration of the fall semester if you leave campus for Thanksgiving. If you are moving out and not returning for the spring semester, please visit: Move-Out Information

While you can leave your stuff (including your bike!) in your room if you are coming back for the spring 2021 semester, you will not be able to get into your room during winter break. Please plan accordingly and pack any clothing, valuables, medications, personal care items, etc. you may need during this time.

Attend your upcoming wing meetings for more information about closing procedures. If you have specific questions, please talk to your RA. 

NOTE: Mail is not delivered to the dorms during Winter Break (except to Winter Break Housing dorms). Any mail received during this time is held and delivered when the buildings reopen in January. Carriers can start delivering to all dorms on January 10; sorting and distribution to the dorms should occur by January 11-12.

*If you need more time for academic purposes, you must email your request to your Community Director by Wednesday, December 9. If your plans have changed and you are in need Winter Break Housing, please indicate it in your Housing Fall Closure Survey.