Illness FAQs

This page serves as a location for information regarding illnesses (strep throat, flu, COVID-19, mpox, etc.) as they pertain to living in campus housing at the University of Arizona. 


The License Agreement is binding at the time you agree(d) to its terms. From a financial perspective, however, only the provisions related to Housing Application Fees, Rent Down Payments and late cancellation fees (if any) are effective before you arrive on campus and move into your dorm. Under the terms of the License Agreement, if you cancel your housing application/assignment before you move in, or you don’t move in (you are a “no-show”), you will not be responsible for academic year rent charges beyond those application-related fees. If semester rent charges have already been posted to your account, they will be reversed at the time your cancellation/no-show is processed.

The Housing office does not have access to students’ medical records. Consequently, we cannot make room assignments nor re-assignments based on students' vaccination status. To learn what immunizations are required on campus, please visit:

If you think someone might be ill, please encourage them to seek care at Campus Health immediately. Please remember to be respectful, thoughtful, and considerate. There will be no temporary relocation of residents due to suspected illness.

Please call Campus Health's After Hours number at (520) 570-7898 and speak with a medical provider. 

If a resident has an illness, they will isolate in their assigned housing. University Housing will not be providing separate isolation spaces for residents. You are permitted to isolate off-campus however, the University will not reimburse costs for relocating while isolating.

Isolating on Campus


  • University Housing will not be providing separate isolation spaces for residents who test positive for COVID-19, flu, etc.

  • Residents should isolate in their assigned housing. Students are permitted to isolate off-campus however the University will not reimburse costs for a student to relocate while isolating.

  • If your roommate tests positive for COVID-19, you are strongly encouraged to get tested as soon as possible and to quarantine consistent with CDC guidance. The University will not provide separate housing for students while they quarantine.

    • If you choose to relocate during a quarantine period, the University will not reimburse costs for a student to relocate while quarantining.   

Please review this important information:

No. Attend your classes online only (if available) and let your instructor know you are isolating. 

Stay at least 6 feet away from others and always wear a mask anytime you are outside of your room.

If you have a roommate, you should wear a well-fitting mask when they are present in the room.  

It’s OK to use shared restrooms. Wear a mask and try to use the restroom during low traffic times. Wash your hands! 

Get food delivered or have a friend drop off meals at your door, if possible.

If picking up carry-out is the only option, wear a mask, limit your exposure, and go during less busy times. 

Talk with your supervisor or HR representative to discuss options.