Floor Plans

**For security and safety purposes, students must be signed into their University Google account in order to access the floor plans.

We are excited to offer floor plans of the dorms for students to view, to help you during the Room Selection process. These floor plans are from the University's Planning Design & Construction, Real Estate department and therefore are a representation of the building, but may not be updated or accurate.

Floor plans may not be exactly accurate! The size of the actual room may vary from the plans.

The floor plans should help give you an idea of where the room is located in relation to the elevators and/or stairs, and the bathrooms.

When you go into My UAHome to select your room, some rooms you see on the floor plan may not be available; these rooms may already be selected.


We do not guarantee, in any way, that the provided floor plans have been updated or are accurate. Rooms and bathrooms that have gender notation are subject to change each year depending on occupancy needs, and therefore may not be up-to-date. When you select your room in My UAHome, you will only see rooms that are available to the gender you selected in your housing application. Bathrooms are women/men, except where noted.

For questions about the floor plans, please call 520-621-6501 or email housing@arizona.edu.

Floor Plan
Apache-Santa Cruz
Árbol de la Vida
Árbol offers some all-gender bathrooms.
Each floor in Arizona-Sonora has only one, single-gender bathroom.
Babcock has suite/private bathrooms (shared by 2 people).
Colonia de la Paz
Coronado has suite/private bathrooms (shared by 2-4 people).
Gila offers all-gender bathrooms on the 2nd floor.
Graham-Greenlee offers an all-gender bathroom on the 2nd floor center wing.
Honors Village
Likins offers some all-gender bathrooms.
Manzanita-Mohave offers some all-gender bathrooms on the 2nd floor (2 wings of the Fine Arts Community) & one wing on the 4th floor.
Maricopa is an all-women dorm.
Navajo-Pinal (Stadium)
Pima has suite/private bathrooms (shared by 2-4 people) and some all-gender bathrooms.
Posada San Pedro
Posada San Pedro offers some all-gender bathrooms.
Pueblo de la Cienega
Pueblo de la Cienega offers some all-gender bathrooms.
Villa del Puente
Villa del Puente offers some all-gender bathrooms.
Yavapai offers all-gender restrooms throughout the building.