For 2024-2025 Housing

Starting in March, you have the option to search for a roommate in the housing portal. If you don’t want to choose a roommate, you will receive a random roommate (about half of our residents choose to live with a random roommate). Note: You will be required to complete the Student Profile Questionnaire inside My UAHome, even if you aren’t searching for a roommate. 

If you want to search for your roommate(s), there are a number of ways to do so: social media, during an on-campus visit, or by using the Roommate Tools in My UAHome. Our Roommate Search/Request process allows you to message other students in the system; it is up to you if you want to reach out and respond. Roommates must be confirmed in the housing portal before you can pick a room together.

Key Dates

Starting March 1 Roommate Tools open; complete your Student Profile Questionnaire profile (required) and search for a roommate (optional)
Early Summer Roommates must be selected and mutually approved BEFORE you pick a room
July 1 Roommate Search/Request process and roommate search closes at end of day


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  • If you already know who you want as your roommate/suitemate, you will need to know each others' housing portal "screen names" in order to submit a roommate request.
  • If you want to find a roommate/suitemate, you will be able to use the roommate search tools to find others with whom you might be compatible and you can correspond with them directly through the housing portal.
  • Even if you don’t want to choose your roommate, you will still need to fill out the Student Profile Questionnaire.

  • The first person to go into Room Selection will pull their roommate(s) into the room with them. You will need to look for a room that has enough open beds for all roommates.
  • Roommate Tools are based on the idea of "groups."
    • Once you have a confirmed roommate request with another student, the two of you are in a "roommate group." Anyone in a roommate group can search for and request another student as a roommate. If that person accepts, they will then be a part of the roommate group.

    • Roommate groups should be limited to no more than four (4) people, including you. There are no room/suite types in campus housing that can accommodate more than four students.

    • There will always be someone in the roommate group designated as the "Group Leader." It really doesn't matter who the group leader is. The only time it matters is if the leader wishes to leave the group. If the leader wishes to do so, they will have to ‘pass’ leadership of the group to another member of the group before they will be able to leave the group.

Yes, the system will allow you to choose up to three (3) other roommates, for a total of four (4) people in your room.

No. About half our students request a roommate and half opt for a random roommate. Extensive survey work shows no difference in compatibility and happiness between the two options at the end of the year. It is up to you. All students are required to complete the Student Profile Questionnaire.

Once you know who are going to be rooming with, here are some things you might want to talk about before you arrive on campus:

  • What items will you share and who will bring them (TV, microwave, video game system, etc.)?
  • Do you want to purchase additional services and split the cost (bottled water, refrigerator rental, etc.)?
  • Do you have any dietary concerns you need to discuss before you arrive?