Recycle Mania 2019

Recycle Mania 2019


Get Ready to Recyle!


Recycle Mania is a friendly eight-week competition between the top college and university recycling programs in the United States. The fun begins Sunday, February 3rd through Saturday, March 30th. To find out more about Recycle Mania, please visit the Recycle Mania organization.

Compete against other UA Dorms

During the national event, UA Housing & Residential Life puts their own spin on Recycle Mania and hosts a head-to-head competition between the dorms. Students can earn points across several categories and the buidling with the most points wins. Here’s what you need to know:


Throw all of your glass, paper, plastic, and aluminum/tin in your dorm's recycling bins to earn points.

Recyclable: paper, plastic 1-7, aluminum and tin, and glass in the mixed recycling bins. We also recycle cardboard in outdoor cages, plastic bags in a blue bin near the vending machines, as well as ink and non-alkaline batteries in the indoor recycling tubes.  

Not recyclable: hot coffee cups, styrofoam, plastic utensils, foil, and anything with food particles.

Watch this video to learn more about what's recyclable on campus.


Attend your dorm's sustainability programs and the Eco-Rep sponsored “Earth Hour” celebration on the UA Mall. Earn points.


The top 3 dorms with the most points will win money towards a sustainable dorm program and updgrade.

  • 2019 Winners: Linins (1st), Pueblo de la Cienego (2nd), Coronado (3rd)

  • 2018 Winners: Likins (1st), Pueblo de la Cienega (2nd), Manzanita-Mohave (3rd)

  • 2017 Winners: Hopi/Graham-Greenlee (1st), Manzanita-Mohave (2nd), Historic Lane (3rd)

  • 2016 Winners: Manzanita-Mohave (1st), Historic Lane (2nd), Hopi/Graham-Greenlee (3rd)

  • 2015 Winners: Hopi/Graham-Greenlee (1st), Historic Lane (2nd), Stadium (3rd)

  • 2014 Winners: Yuma (1st), Cochise (2nd), Hopi/Graham-Greenlee (3rd)

  • 2013 Winners: Pima Hall (1st), Parker (2nd), Pueblo de la Cienega (3rd)

  • 2012 Winners: Navajo-Pinal (1st), Yuma (2nd), Kaibab-Huachuca (3rd)

  • 2011 Winners: Yuma (1st), Hopi/Graham-Greenlee (2nd), La Paz (3rd)

  • 2010 Winners: Kaibab-Huachuca (1st), Manzanita-Mohave (2nd), Yuma (3rd)

  • 2009 Winners: Posada San Pedro (1st), Maricopa (2nd), Pueblo de la Cienega (3rd)