The following process information is subject to change at the discretion of Housing & Residential Life.

Please note: Our process differs for UArizona affiliates (UArizona departments and colleges, university-recognized clubs, University Religious Council members) and non-UArizona entities. See below for more informaiton. 

Housing & Residential Life recognizes that our dorms and our residents are target audiences for marketing events, products, and services for college students. Each year, hundreds of student groups, university partners, outside vendors, and service providers request permission to have access to our on-campus residents through channels such as posting materials in our dorms, emailing residents, and/or posting on our social media.

This policy was created to ensure decisions pertaining to approvals for access to our Housing residents are fair, comply with University and legal requirements, and do not overwhelm the true nature of our business - to create a home for our students.

UA Affiliates

In striving to be a good campus partner, we try to accommodate requests from groups, organizations, and departments affiliated with UArizona. We offer free access to our students in four ways:

  • In-dorm posters
  • Social media posts
  • Email
  • Research


  • Approved posters will be displayed in each building’s lobby or other community space within a designated poster area (location may differ by dorm). 
  • Posters may be one of two sizes – 8.5” x 11” or 11” x 17”
    • Any other sizes or distribution options will require special consideration
  • Please provide a maximum of 24 posters (23 undergraduate dorms + 1 graduate apartment complex)
  • In order to create a less-cluttered home environment for our students, we do not permit posters on the wings/floors 


  • Must be approved by the Housing's Marketing and/or Residential Education unit
  • UArizona Affiliate should provide the appropriate number of copies
  • Abides by the guidelines outlined below
  • No limit on the number of times per semester; subject to the discretion of Housing Marketing


  • Submit the posting for approval at least three weeks prior to the date you want the item posted
  • Complete and submit the Approval Form
    • Your submission should include final artwork
  • UArizona Affiliate will be emailed with approval or reason for non-approval within 3-5 business days
  • If approved:
    • Final copies should be labeled by dorm and delivered to the second floor of El Portal (attention Marketing) at least 7 business days prior to the requested posting date
    • Residential Education team will be responsible for putting up and removing posters in the dorms
    • Postings will be displayed for up to one month, or until the day after an advertised event/activity


What content CAN be advertised?

  • Positive/beneficial campus events
  • Philanthropic or education-based programs or announcements
  • On-campus employment opportunities from a UArizona department or college
  • Charitable events (with a UArizona sponsor or dept. only)
  • Greek Life* (Fraternity information sessions and Sorority Rush information only)

What content CAN'T be advertised?

  • Any promotion of alcohol consumption
  • Any illegal activity, violation of the University of Arizona Student Code of Conduct, and/or Housing & Residential Life Policies & Procedures for Dorm Living
  • Lewd, pornographic, or offensive material
  • Activities that specifically exclude individuals from participating based on race, sex, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, age, or ethnicity
  • Reward or volunteer opportunities*
  • Any advertisement for profit (requiring money or entry fees)*

*Unless previously approved by the Associate Director of Residential Education 


  • Approval/rejection guidelines are at the discretion of Housing & Residential Life 
  • Unauthorized postings may warrant a future ban
  • Advertisement items MAY NOT be delivered directly to the dorms
  • Housing & Residential Life staff are not responsible for maintaining postings that have been vandalized, torn down, or otherwise altered or destroyed
  • Repeat advertisements must be resubmitted for approval

Since visual content reaches our brains faster than text alone, digital signage is a visual medium we use to communicate with our residents more effectively using dynamic and engaging messages. The digital signage is mounted in high-traffic areas in each dorm; content is managed by Housing Marketing.


We share information about large-scale campus events, safety issues, or promotions that benefit our residents. 

Submit a request here.

You will receive an email with approval or a reason we're not able to run your slide.

Best Practices

Graphics should:

  • Be in landscape orientation, sized 1920x1080
  • Contain 1 link and/or 1 QR code*
  • Not contain excessive amounts of text*
  • If available, include a complementary image
    • Consider audience and purpose – avoid provocative or sensitive imagery & content
  • Limit words so the slide is readable in under 5 seconds – less is more
  • Slide information should include:
    • Name of event, occurrence, activity, or happening
    • Date/Time
    • Location
    • Additional details (typically related to “who” or “why” and kept brief)
    • Choose one call to action (e.g. contact name, phone number, visit a website, etc.)
    • Avoid the use of ALL CAPS or fonts that resemble caps

*Slides run on a rotation lasting only 5 seconds each. 

Housing manages a number of different social media platforms to reach our students and their families. If you want our accounts to interact with yours or partner on a project or event, please reach out. In most cases, we will request that you tag us in any post(s) you'd like us to help amplify. 


Submit a request here.

We are very selective and limited in the emails we send out to residents, so as not to inundate them. We do not share email content from campus partners.



Non-UArizona Entities

With the goal of keeping our dorms a home for our students, clutter-free of advertisements and messaging, we have strict guidelines on what is allowed in our dorms and do not permit non-UArizona entities to advertise to our on-campus residents. Our Dorm Stipend Fund, however, continues to seek donations and donors may be recognized for their contributions. Please click here to learn more.

Items offered for free 

Non-affiliates are allowed to provide donations of food, if in conjunction with a Housing-sponsored and initiated event. This privilege does not allow for advertisement (flyers, coupons, etc.) to be distributed in the dorms, nor inclusion of company logo on any Housing publicity, in exchange for the food. If the donor requests, we can provide a donation statement. Please contact Housing & Residential Life Financial, Analysis, & Budget at

No other free items are allowed to be accepted, unless an exception is approved by the Senior Associate Director of Residential Education and the Associate Director of Marketing.

Off-Campus Housing Program

Information about online advertising opportunities for properties owners can be found through our Off-Campus Housing program at


All requests for research, including but not limited to focus groups, surveys, or requests for promotion of research, must go through Linda Scheu, Director, Organizational Assessment & Strategic Initiatives at For more information about requesting research, click here.