Sending Mail to the Dorms

March 25, 2024
Wilbur and Wilma standing next to mailboxes

Note: Mail & packages will not be accepted at the dorms until Tuesday, August 20, 2024.

To help ensure delivery of your mail and/or package(s) to a student living in a UArizona dorm, be sure the label clearly has the address and student name printed on it. If you can include the room number, that will also help members of our desk staff let the student know when they have a delivery. Please note: Without the student's name, we will not accept the package; it will automatically be returned to the sender.

Student's Last Name

Student's Preferred* First Name OR Legal First Name

Dorm Name, Student's Room #

Dorm Address 

Additionally, please make sure you are sending to the correct dorm address so that the mail does not go to a different dorm (our staff is unable to deliver between dorms). Addresses for each dorm can be found on the Dorm Contact Information page.

We are unable to accept the following:

  • perishable items like food or flowers
  • obvious non-approved items 
  • deliveries that require refrigeration

If your delivery contains a perishable item, it will be returned. Please note that desk staff is not able to accept the delivery on the recipient’s behalf; pharmaceutical deliveries must be signed for by the recipient. We encourage residents to utilize the Campus Health pharmacy for prescriptions or OTC needs when possible, in lieu of shipping medication to their dorm. 

For questions or concerns, please contact

*We continue to honor our commitment to residents to prioritize the use of preferred first name for those who have indicated one different from their legal first name. We also include the legal first name to increase the chances that a student will actually receive a package from anyone who might send using that name.