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Students have an option to lease a Microfridge (refrigerator, freezer and microwave combination unit) from our vendor. Each resident can rent one unit. Residents can also bring their own. Check the specifications below to see what types are permitted in the dorms.

Residents are permitted to bring one refrigerator to be used in their dorm room. 

The refrigerator must meet the following specifications:

  • Less than 5 cubic feet in size
  • 120 Volt
  • Energy rating less than 2 amps

*Remember the environment and consider buying an Energy Star refrigerator

If you have a dietary, medical, or other need for an extra refrigerator in your room, please contact Housing & Residential Life at 520-621-6501.

Microwaves should be UL-listed, max 800 watts.


For technology information and what technology to bring (and not to bring), click here.

Other Things

Both requests can be made after you Move-In by submitting a maintenance request in My UAHome.

Once you have an assignment (dorm and room), you can go into My UAHome to choose a different dorm or room BEFORE you get to campus to Move-In, based on availability. To request a change AFTER Move-In, you can use the Hall Transfer program in My UAHome.

Dorms begin accepting mail on Tuesday, August 15. Due to the large quantities of mail that arrive at the beginning of the semester, we strongly encourage the usage of our Ship to Your Room program when shipping boxes to assure prompt mail delivery. We are unable to accept perishable items like food or flowers, or deliveries that require refrigeration. If your delivery contains a perishable item, it will be returned. 

Learn more about Sending Mail to the Dorms.