Pima Room Layout

Single Room: 100 square feet (10' x 10')

Double Room: 156 square feet (12' x 13')

Dimension (all numbers in inches*)
Mattress: Width, Length 35.5
Mattress Thickness 6.5
Dresser/Drawer: Height/Width/Depth 8/27/5
Closet from Top to Bottom: Height/Depth/Width 69/22/34
Closet from Rod to Bottom: Height/Depth/Width 55/22/34
Window from Bottom to Floor: Height 39
Window: Height/Width 49/47
Space in Between Both Beds: Length 64
Space Underneath Bed from Underneath
to Bottom: Height/Length
Desk Chair to Floor: Height 17
Desk: Height/Width/Length N/A
Desk Drawer: Height/Length/Depth 9/20/5
Doorway Entry: Width/Length 35/79
Number of Electrical Outlets 16
Number of Shelves in Closet 4


















*Room measurements may vary. Single room dimensions are not available at this time.