Resources for International Students

If you are an international student interested in applying to the University of Arizona, please visit the International UA website. For additional resources, click here. Don't miss the Undergraduate International Admissions video to learn more about our Top 100 global university:

Living On Campus at UA

Living on campus in the dorms is a great way to become part of the University of Arizona community. Our dorms offer a great way to meet people, live close to your classes and campus activities and provide a strong support system to help you adjust to life in America and our University campus. Did you know that students who live in a dorm on campus at least one year have a 50% higher 4-year graduation rate than students who never live in a dorm?

Choices for Living On Campus

  • Academic year (August – May, closes during winter break)
  • Academic year and winter break (August – May, open during winter break)
  • Summer housing for students attending Summer school

Most of our dorm rooms are doubles (for two people). We also offer single rooms (one person), triple rooms (three people) and quadruple rooms (four people). Most of the dorms have community bathrooms on their floor or wing, which are shared by students of the same gender. We also have a few dorms with different types of bathrooms: a suite-style bathroom, where two rooms of students of the same gender share a bathroom; and a private bathroom inside the room, where the students in the room share a bathroom. All of our buildings have a community kitchen which is mostly used for small meals or snacks.

Rooms include all furniture, utilities (electricity, water), local telephone*, and internet and Wi-Fi access.

Additional Information

Can I cook if I live in the dorms?

Community kitchens are offered in all of our dorms. Students typically use this community space to prepare small meals or snacks, with no restrictions on the types of food prepared or spices used. Community kitchens equipped with full-sized stoves and refrigerators. Pots and pans can be checked out from the front desk of your hall. Since these kitchens are shared by all we do not recommend that they be used for every meal. We strongly recommend that you purchase a campus meal plan to eat at the more than 40 eateries located around campus. Arizona Student Unions’ professional dining staff is available to assist in finding menu options that fit your needs, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free offerings. For guidance, please contact the Student Union nutrition office or click here for more information on menus and nutritional information. If you have dietary restrictions, we encourage you to discuss food-related accommodations with the UA Disability Resource Center. Our dorms also include several other amenities which can be found on our Amenities page.

Do males and females live in the same building?

22 of our dorms are all-gender, with both males and females living in the dorm. We have one dorm, Maricopa, that is all female/women-only.

Tell me about the all female/women-only dorm.

Our all female/women-only dorm, Maricopa, does allow male visitors into the building.