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The Blue Chip Leadership is a nationally renowned four-year leadership program whose mission is to empower Wildcats through leadership and career development so they can
succeed anywhere. Join Blue Chip Leadership Experience to find community, distinguish yourself, and build career skills. Our students build lifelong friendships and hone their leadership skills on campus, in the classroom, and in the community. Blue Chip graduates are pushing boundaries, solving problems, and excelling as leaders.

Highlights of the Blue Chip Leadership First-Year Experience

  • Weekly team meetings led by a peer mentor who will help you develop leadership skills and connect to campus.
  • Exciting events that expand your capacity to lead through fun and experiential programming, like Field Day, Blue Sync lip-sync battle, and an escape room.
  • Leadership Challenge class (1-credit, fall & spring) to explore your leadership identity and engage in a collaborative project-based experience with an organization.
  • Participate in community service experiences each semester.

As a student in Blue Chip First-Year Experience, you have the opportunity to live in Pueblo de la Cienega dorm, which houses up to 60 Blue Chip students each year. The Blue Chip Leadership Living Learning Community hosts great events designed for Blue Chip students who want even more leadership, involvement, and community-building opportunities.

Benefits of the Blue Chip Leadership Community:

  • Weekly Blue Chip Team meetings are hosted in Pueblo de la Cienega
  • You’ll be on a team with other students from the community allowing you to develop strong connections with your teammates
  • Special events hosted just for the community members such as Escape Rooms, Improv Sports, Field Day, United Way Days of Caring, and more!

How to Apply

  • Submit a housing application in My UAHome
  • Pay the non-refundable housing application fee
  • The community application process, inside your housing application, opens in January. Space is limited.

NOTE: If you wish to live in the Blue Chip Community, you must register with the Blue Chip Program by visiting their website. You must have a housing application on file to be considered for the Blue Chip Leadership community. 

For more information about living in this community, email

Application Criteria:

To be considered for admission into the Blue Chip Leadership Community, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Answer all questions in the community application (unfinished applications will not be considered for admission). 
  • Be a member of the Blue Chip Leadership Experience. Please enroll in Blue Chip Leadership by visiting:

Participating in the Blue Chip Community

The Blue Chip Community is an engaging living environment. In the community, students have access to unique resources and programs designed to support the transition to college and help develop leadership skills. It’s expected that students living in the community take advantage of the array of academically enriching activities offered to members of the community – space is limited, so sign up quickly!

Contact Information

For more program information, contact:

Blue Chip Leadership Experience Staff: