Housing & Residential Life Research Recruitment

As a unit is Student Affairs, Housing & Residential Life follows the UA Student Affairs recommended guidelines for research requests, which is as follows:

Official Policy

1. A flowchart illustrating the research approval process for all research requests is depicted below. The following sequential levels of approval are at the core of this approval process: 

        1. Approval by faculty advisor (for student research requests) 

        2. Approval by academic department IRB reviewer (for faculty and students) or the Student Affairs Divisional IRB reviewers (for external researchers and              staff of SA units seeking to conduct research within units) 

        3. Site authorization* by Housing & Residential Life valid for one year only 

        4. Approval by UA IRB (IRB will be asked by SA to check for valid date on site authorization)

        5. Submission of the approved IRB and site authorization to Housing & Residential Life for final approval

2. Site authorization is required by UA IRB for research performed outside of the PI's home department and is valid for one year. Site authorization must be obtained from individual SA units for the following types of recruitment or study of students on-site or through SA programs: 

        1. Posting of study recruitment flyers or posters in SA facilities 

        2. On-site observations in SA facilities or within SA facilities "foot print" (exterior seating areas, walkways, and plazas) 

        3. In-person solicitation for data collection in SA facilities or within SA facilities "foot print" (exterior seating areas, walkways, and plazas) 

        4. Recruiting via email communication directed to individuals 

3. Site authorization for all requests for access to student populations to recruit is at the sole discretion of the Housing & Residential Life's Director's Office.


Site authorization is obtained by submitting your faculty approved research description (if a student), research tool (survey, interview questions etc.),  recruitment tool (i.e. flyer etc.) to the Housing & Residential Life’s Director’s Office, Senior Associate Director, Linda Scheu, lscheu@arizona.edu. Approved projects will receive a Site Authorization letter to include in their IRB submission packet. Please note site authorization is not guaranteed.

Before any recruitment can begin, final IRB approval and site authorization are again submitted to Linda Scheu, Housing & Residential Life's Director of Organizational Assessment & Strategic Initiatives, at lscheu@arizona.edu

Additional questions about this process maybe answered by calling 520-626-6479 or emailing Linda Scheu at lscheu@arizona.edu

Housing and Residential Life chart