2nd Year+ Housing


We're excited to offer great housing options for 2nd year & above students in 2021-22.

Applications open October 1, 2020!

Deciding where to live after your first year at Arizona can be a big deal. Whether you're looking for academic support, amenities, convenience, value, or just want your own space, we have more options for 2nd Year+ and Transfer Wildcats - including more single rooms, rooms with full-size beds, and designated 2nd Year+ communities in some dorms.

The following are housing options for upper division students (however students can choose to live in any dorm). Space is limited; access to these housing options is based on availability and is subject to change. Room Selection for current students is available until July 10, 2021, so if the room you want isn't available, you can choose something else and come back to Room Selection as often as you want. When you see a different space open up, you can reassign yourself. Housing & Residential Life reserves the right to backfill rooms in any community.

Apache-Santa Cruz

Live on Highland in a single room in Apache-Santa Cruz! Enjoy the space of a double room all to yourself and also get: the lowest priced single on Highland Ave., convenient access to Campus Rec & Highland Market, and the amenities of a new 1st floor kitchen space. Choose your room before new incoming students can pick an Apache-Santa Cruz single and tell a friend to do the same!

Coronado Singles

It's time to have your own room! With campus views and twice as much space, the 8th floor of Coronado features single rooms with suite-style bathrooms. Choose your room before new incoming students can pick a Coronado single and tell a friend to do the same!

Graham-Greenlee Singles

The first floor center wings of Graham-Greenlee will now offer single room options perfect for 2nd Year+ students! Choose your room before new incoming students can pick a Graham-Greenlee single and tell a friend to do the same!


Our smallest dorm, Hopi, will be even cozier by offering single rooms at a lower price point.  The single rooms will also be furnished with full-sized (double) beds. This option will be great for students looking to live within a strong, smaller community. Choose your room before new incoming students can pick a Hopi single and tell a friend to do the same!

Honors Village

The Honors Village has enhanced the Honors Wildcat experience. Featuring dorm and apartment-style housing for more than 1,000 honors students, Honors College 2nd Year+ students can return to live in the Honors Village apartments (based on availability). See "Honors Process & Timeline" section below.

Kaibab-Huachuca Singles

With amazing location close to University Blvd., 4th Ave. and downtown Tucson, we're excited to offer a more single room options in Kaibab-HuachucaChoose your room before new incoming students can pick a Kaibab-Huachuca single and tell a friend to do the same!


Located in the center of campus, Pima's Lodge building is an ideal dorm for returning students! Pima Lodge offers returning students suite-style dorms (some single rooms even have full-sized beds). In addition to a new kitchen on the top floor, the community kitchen is renovated and refreshed. Pima consists of two physical buildings, Pima Lodge and Pima House. Rooms in Pima House are in theme communities, so the only rooms you will see in Room Selection will be the rooms in Pima Lodge.

Build Your Community

In addition to picking your own roommate (if you have one), you and your friends can pick rooms near one another. Check out our recommendations and tell your friends to pick a room near you!

Cochise- Adjoined Doubles: What's better than two double rooms that share a common living area. Look for the room type Double-Adjoined.

Navajo/Pinal (Stadium): Snag one of the largest rooms on campus. Live in the 200s.

Villa del Puente - South: Want to live close to Highland Market & Campus Rec? Live in S200s and S300s.

Yuma: With housing options for Honors College students not living in the Honors Village dorm, Yuma continues over a decade of tradition of being a centrally located nexus of community.

Room Selection Timeline*

Apply now to be eligible to choose a room on campus. Remember, the sooner you apply, the more choices you will have during Room Selection.

Room Selection is based upon availability and is held in three phases:

  • October 1-May 1: Apply for housing
  • October 21-23: Room Selection available only to students currently living in dorms other than Honors Village. Return to current room for which you are eligible only.
  • October 25-29: Room Selection available only to students currently living in dorms other than Honors Village. Return to any available room in your current dorm only.
  • October 30-July 10: Room Selection available to all current UA students who apply anytime between now and May 1. Choose any available room in any dorm for which you are eligible.

*some limitations apply; refer to "Eligiblity" section below for details, or visit your housing application for more information



Why is my current room not available to me?

  • If you currently live in a theme community, you will not have the option to return to your current room in the housing application. Applications for theme communities are a part of the housing application. If you are interested in living in a theme community next year, you are welcome to apply inside your housing application. If you are accepted, we will assign/reassign you to a room in the community.
  • If you are living in rooms that will be part of new or expanded theme communities next fall, you will not have the option to return to your current room in the housing application.
  • If you currently live in a room adapted for students with disabilities, you will not have the option to return to your current room since we need to hold the room for new students who may need those accommodations.

Late Cancellation Fees

Schedule and cancellation penalty amounts are as follows:

  • If you apply by May 1, payment of the Rent Down Payment (RDP) is due by May 1 to avoid cancellation of your housing application and assignment. Once paid, the RDP is not refundable.

  • If you apply after May 1, you must pay the RDP to be eligible for assignment. The RDP is only refundable if you cancel your housing application BEFORE you are assigned to a room. 

  • If you have been assigned to a room and you cancel your housing May 16-June 30: you will be charged a $300 late cancellation fee.

  • If you have been assigned to a room and your housing application is cancelled on or after July 1: you will be charged a $600 late cancellation fee.

  • Option 1 – Requesting a Roommate 

Our housing system requires that you select your roommate BEFORE you choose your room. So if you want to make sure you have the roommate you want, you will need to use the Roommate Search/Request tools in your housing application to identify and/or request your roommate. You must complete and/or accept a roommate request before you select your room. When you select your room, the first roommate in the process will pull the other roommate into the selected room. Once you have selected a room, you will no longer have access to the Roommate Search/Request tools. If you have already chosen a room but still want to request a roommate, you will have to give up your room assignment in order to do so.

  • Option 2 – Room Selection Without a Roommate Request 

Another option for you and your roommate is to individually choose spaces in the same room. You can not however, do it at the same time. When one roommate selects a room from which to choose a bed space, the entire room/suite will be ‘locked’ until that student chooses their bed space and/or the 5-minute hold period expires. Once one of you has chosen and selected a bed space choice, the other student can then select the room and choose the other available bed space.


If you choose a bed space and a bed space in the room is still vacant after July 1, your assignment is subject to consolidation into a different room of the same type and in the same dorm (with other returning students), prior to room selection opening to new students.

Honors Room Selection Process & Timeline

Honors students who apply for housing by October 15 will be given a lottery timeslot for Room Selection that is randomly generated by the housing application system). Timeslots will be given between October 21-October 29. This will give all honors students a fair opportunity to select an apartment in the Honors Village dorm (based on availability)

  • Honors students will be able to choose Honors Village apartments only
    • Honors students can pick a dorm room in the Honors Village after July 1, if available
  • Honors Village residents will no longer be able to ‘pull in’ an non-honors roommate with them into the Honors Village 
  • Non-honors students currently living in the Honors Village will not be eligible to return to the Honors Village next year

Room Selection schedule for 2nd Year+ Honors College students wanting to live in the Honors Village next year is as follows

  • October 1-15: Apply for housing
  • October 21-29: Apartment Room selection by random lottery timeslots
  • October 30 – July 1: Apartment Room selection open to any Honors student
  • July 1-10: Available Honors Village dorm room beds open to all Honors students

Yuma dorm will be offered as a 2nd Year+ overflow for the Honors College

  • Honors students will be able to pull in non-honors students as roommates
  • Yuma will not be exclusively honors, but we will give priority to honors students. This will allow incoming first-year students the opportunity to select this building, if space is available.
  • Current non-honors Yuma residents to stay next year, if they choose to do so
  • The Engineering Theme Community be housed on the second floor of Yuma 

Application process information, deadline dates, and offerings are subject to change at the discretion of Housing & Residential Life.