Temporary Housing

Temporary Housing is a TEMPORARY accommodation in a non-student room living space until we have enough cancelations to assign you to a student room.

Temporary accommodations are located in our dorms on campus. Accommodations include guest apartments, study rooms that are temporarily set up and furnished as residential spaces, as well as standard double rooms with Resident Assistants (who are also students), if necessary.

Students initially assigned to temporary accommodations will be reassigned to permanent spaces in campus housing as soon as spaces become available.

At Housing & Residential Life, our goal is to offer campus housing to as many students as possible. Knowing some students cancel their housing late in summer, decide not to attend UA just before school starts or move out during the fall semester, we take applications beyond our capacity.

Students who applied later in the housing process MAY not receive a housing assignment until they arrive on campus in August and MAY initially be assigned to "temporary" accommodations. Creating temporary accommodations allows us to accept more student housing applications, especially later in the process, and place more students in campus housing.

  • Guest apartments: the same furniture you get in a regular student room, plus a bathroom and kitchen; up to 6 students are temporarily assigned to each apartment
  • Study rooms: furniture similar to a regular student room with a clothing rack or wardrobe; up to 5 students temporarily live in a study room, depending on room size (see photos at the bottom of this page)
  • RA rooms: the same furniture you get in a regular student room; just you and 1 RA are in the room
  • You are in the dorms living among other students - all accommodations are secure, keyed rooms.

Because we receive cancellations throughout the summer, we won't know for sure who will be in Temporary Housing until we open in August. Those assigned to Temporary Housing are typically applicants who applied for housing the latest.

If you are a later housing applicant, you MAY not receive your housing assignment until you arrive on campus in August. We continue throughout the summer, and even during Move-In in August, to assign students to permanent spaces as we receive cancellations from other students. If you do not yet know your assignment when you arrive to campus for Move-In, please go directly to the El Portal Building, 501 N. Highland Ave.

After Move-In in August, we make assignments to regular student rooms as spaces free up, which can take as little as a week. Sometimes, students live in Temporary Housing for a semester. Housing & Residential Life will email you when we assign you to a regular student room.

If the room to which you are assigned is in a different dorm than your temporary housing, Housing & Residential Life staff will help you move your belongings from one building to another.

If you want to stay in your Temporary Housing dorm, we will do our best to find you a room in that dorm but we cannot guarantee this.

While living in Temporary Housing, you pay our lowest double rent rate for the fall semester. When you move to a regular student room, rent charges will be prorated based on your new assignment.

Temporary housing

Temporary housing