Additional Services

Approved Vendors: Move-Out

Shipping boxes

Summer Storage (USS) 

USS offers summer storage for residents! Services include in-room pick-up and storage for the summer, PLUS delivery inside your on-campus room (before you arrive in August!), or delivery within 2 miles of campus. 

USS Summer Storage graphic


Approved Vendors: Move-In

The University of Arizona contracts with vendors to provide you with additional fee-based services while living on campus. There are even a few services that can be pre-loaded into your room before you arrive at your dorm Move-In! This makes moving in (and out) of your room that much easier! Keep in mind that mail & packages will not be accepted at the dorms until Tuesday, August 20, 2024. Learn more about sending items to the dorms here.

From Home-to-Room Service (USS) 

Avoid the hassle of lugging boxes through airports and moving them in 100°+ weather! You can pre-ship your belongings and have them delivered to your room so they are waiting for you when you arrive to Move-In! You do not need to have a room assignment in order to use this service. 

boxes for USS Ship-To-Room


Rent a refrigerator/freezer/microwave combination unit from USS for the academic year. The unit can be delivered to your room before you arrive to Move-In! The Microfridge unit can also be ordered when you get to campus. 

Micro fridge

Bottled Water (USS)

Our water program offers the use of an Energy Star® cooling unit and delivers jugs of water to your room each month or the academic year. This is the perfect way for you and your roommate to reduce your water costs, have high quality water on hand and take part in a planet-friendly solution. The unit can be delivered to your room before you arrive to Move-In! 

Water cooler

Laundry Service (USS)

Drop off a 20 lb. bag of laundry to one of the sites on campus and it will be washed, dried, folded and bundled for pick up a few days later. 


Linens (DormCo)

We're excited to work with to offer a variety of linen packages and dorm room decor. 10% of all sales will go back to support our Residence Hall Association (RHA).



dorm room with pink blanket



Non-Approved Vendors

UA Housing & Residential Life partners with approved third-party vendors to offer you additional services and conveniences. If you contract with a vendor not on the above list (i.e. a non-approved vendor), you or the vendor may have to make special arrangements to be on campus during move-in:

  • Non-approved vendors are not allowed inside a dorm without being escorted by the student living in the dorm, during the entire time they are inside the building.
  • Housing & Residential Life will not accept – nor sign for – deliveries from a non-approved vendor (we will accept packages from mail services like USPS and UPS during regular scheduled mail delivery)
  • All non-approved vendors will be subject to the move-in process and guidelines
  • All non-approved vendors are subject to abide by parking enforcement signage at all times
  • Vendors should coordinate directly with UA Parking & Transportation Services for large vehicle access to dorms or parking
  • Housing & Residential Life is not responsible for any issues that arise between you and a non-approved vendor