Graduate Resident Assistant

Graduate Resident Assistant Recruitment Information

Applications are now closed. The below information is intended for reference only.

Thank you for your interest in the Graduate Resident Assistant (GRA) position with La Aldea Graduate Housing at the University of Arizona. My name is Whitney Mohr and I am the Community Director for La Aldea Graduate Housing. Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions about our graduate housing, Residence Life program, campus, graduate programs, or process.


Position Description

The Graduate Resident Assistant (GRA) is a live-in graduate student leadership position reporting to a full-time Community Director. The term of the GRA agreement is July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018. The GRA is member of the La Aldea Graduate community and Residential Education Team. The position is essential in creating a caring and inclusive community, enforcing residential policies and procedures, and serving as an on call staff member for the La Aldea Community. 

Graduate Resident Assistants receive a two-bedroom apartment, $1,000/semester in meal plan and $100/year CatCa$h. (No tuition remission is included as compensation for this position). 

What do GRAs do? *

  • Provide quality active and passive programming opportunities for our residents to help build community within La Aldea.  

  • Build relationships with residents and assist students in their transition to the University of Arizona and Tucson. 

  • Serve as academic role models (You must have at least a 2.5 minimum GPA and be enrolled in 6 credits a semester while employed). 

  • Assess and address the needs of the community, and encourage residents to take ownership of La Aldea.  

  • Monitor the safety and security of the community by taking part in an on-call rotation, and documenting violations of community standards.  

  • Be present in the building ALL 12 months of the year (12 month, live-in position). 

  • Assist in the Check-in and Check-out process for all residents.

  • Complete Health and Safety Inspections of Apartments.

*Please view the 2017-2018 GRA Agreement for a full list of duties. Please note that additional duties may be assigned as necessary.

GRA's Approximate* Time Commitment

General expectations are that this position is 15-20 hours per week:

  • Programming: La Aldea Historically has had weekly and monthly programs. These models are subject to change but there are regular program expectations of the GRA staff. 

  • Duty: One of the 7 GRAs is on call from 8 pm to 8 am EVERY day of the year, including Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer.

  • Staff Time: Weekly staff meeting; individual bi-weekly meeting w/ Community Director

  • Other Time Commitments: Fall (July) and Winter Training (before classes start in January) for all staff; plus, other staff meetings as needed.

  • Because the GRA position is a live-in position, GRAs need to be seen as a resource for residents at all times.

*Actual time commitment varies by time of year and needs of the community. 

Application Process

At this time we are anticipating several openings and are excited to consider your application for our Graduate Resident Assistant position.

The application review process will begin when your application is complete. A complete application will include an electronic copy of your resume with your email address; cover letter indicating what graduate program you are applying to; and a professional reference with contact information.

Application materials should be sent to me via email at Please include "GRA Application" in the subject line.

Please note that all offers are contingent upon the candidate's admission to a graduate program at the University of Arizona or maintained graduate student status and GPA of 2.5 for those currently enrolled in a program. 

Click here for information on admission to the Graduate College.

Should you have any questions about the Graduate Resident Assistant position, please do not hesitate to contact me at



Application Timeline


Applications* Open: January 27, 2017 Close: February 26, 2017 *A complete application includes resume (including graduate program), cover letter, and contact information for one professional reference. 
Interviews March 4-10, 2017
Letters** sent to all Candidates On or before Friday, March 24, 2017

**Letters state one of three things: offer with placement, offer of alternate pool, or no offer

Candidates must accept/decline offer By: Friday, March 31, 2017
Contract Start Date July 1, 2017
Training Start Date July 1, 2017