Heating & Air Conditioning in the Dorms

Oct. 24, 2023
two female-identifying students in a dorm room looking content

Each season, Housing & Residential Life addresses the question of when to turn the heat on. You may be under the impression that it doesn’t get that cold in Tucson, however, our dry desert air will start to cool off steeply at night in the winter months. When several hundred people live in one building, this can lead to a challenge as we try to meet everyone’s needs.

Each dorm has a different plan to switch over to heat or air conditioning, which has been approved by your Hall Council. Some buildings use a petition system (requiring a percentage of the building to sign) and some look at the weather forecast. For dorm-specific information please reach out to your resident assistant (RA). We ask that as you are making requests to change from cooling, neutral, or heat you allow for a week in between making additional requests/changes.

For more information about the heating and cooling systems in each dorm, visit our Air Conditioning & Heating page.