Summer Housing

Housing & Residential Life provides summer housing to students. Rent for each summer session is charged to your University account. Payment is due by the first day of class for the applicable summer session. Please go to UAccess Student Center to make payments. Please review the Academic Calendar and our Dates & Deadlines for summer school dates.

Apply for summer housing here starting February 15, 2024.

Find out more information about summer housing:

Yes, as long as you are enrolled for the following fall semester.

Summer housing is available for summer school terms (Sunday, May 12 to Wednesday, August 7. If you are living in the summer school dorm in early August and you do NOT have an active campus housing application and room assignment for the fall semester, you will be required to move out of the dorm no later than August 7. This applies even if you are registered for a class during the 2nd seven-week summer school session that ends after August 7.

Yes, as long as you will be living in campus housing in the fall. If you are NOT living in campus housing for the fall, you would have to move out of the summer dorm on the last day of 2nd summer session classes (5-week session).

If you want to move directly from your current dorm into the summer housing dorm, you should apply BEFORE May 10 to allow time for an assignment. If you haven’t applied by that date, you may be required to move out of your current dorm by May 10 until you are assigned for summer. 

The application will be available through July 5th; after that date, you will need to contact the housing office for any late summer availability.  

Visit our Rates page for pricing and more information.

Summer internship housing in Árbol de la Vida dorm is intended for students with any accredited college or University internship program. Rooms are furnished and air-conditioned – and students can stay for any length of time (no lease). All utilities are included, which means there are no additional bills to pay! Internship housing is available: May 19-July 31 (with extended stays available on a limited basis through August 10 on a limited basis).

Download the flyer here!

To view rates & apply for internship housing, visit the University of Arizona Conference & Guest Services website.