Move-In Maps

Highland District
Historic District
Park District
North District

We have provided move-in maps that are specific to each dorm. They have the preferred, most efficient route listed from the starting point to the unloading areas to the parking garage closest to your building. We have provided both a pdf version of the route as well as an interactive Google Maps version.

Using the Google Maps Version:

  1. Click on Google Maps, which will load either in the browser or in the Google Maps app.
  2. Each map has a start icon on it; click it to be directed to the beginning of the move-in route, then follow it in relation to your current location.
  3. All of the important areas of the map are marked with clickable icons to know what to do at each location:
    • The truck denotes the unloading areas
    • The purple flag is the dorm location
    • The P icon is the reccomended parking garage


Apache-Santa Cruz

Colonia de la Paz






Posada San Pedro

Pueblo de la Cienega

Villa del Puente